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Winter Florals: Dream vs Reality

Cold Ass Winter Florals

I’d love to tell you that I styled this bare legged because that’s truly the way I thought the dress looked its best, but nope. I wore cotton leggings underneath to stay warm! I made sure to snap some photos of how I preferred to style it for Christmas Eve versus how I actually wore it. Sometimes, I love styling cold weather looks and sometimes it really is a pain in my ass. I thought I would style this with brown suede boots, but I couldn’t even wear them because of the all the snow! Read More »

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My Favorite Looks of 2017


All in all, the year was pretty great even though not much has changed. I work at the same agency (but with a promotion), I live in the same house that I just adore (but with a goddamn rat I can’t seem to kill), fell in love and learned to be a little more patient (and moved on from that relationship), traveled quite a bit (and took a break from all that moving around the last three months!) and still have one amazing little pup who goes everywhere with me (and I want more.) Read More »

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