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My Weekend Routine

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Sunday Routine

There’s no such thing of a no plans weekend in my life. I’m a planner and I find as I become more of an adult (I’m 31 but I still feel young AF), I have to plan out my weekends. Visiting friends in other states, booking freelance work, I just end up filling all my weekends up with stuff.

Last weekend was no exception, but Sunday was pretty flexible and a good example of how I spend a weekend day when I’m in town. Read on for my weekend routine! Read More »

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Outdoorsy Stuff


Weekend Dirt

I was always caked in dirt growing up. Back in the barn or riding, the dust clung to me. Last weekend reminded me of those dirty kid days mucking out stalls and brushing out a muddy horse. Read More »


Fall at Home


Lots of Time at Home

If I rattle off the top three things in my life right now they would be: no car, rats in house and ringworm. Lovely, right? I gave myself a solid week of self pity and I fully indulged. I am now trying to have a better outlook on the bullshit life has thrown at me. Read More »

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Denim & Horses



I mentioned maybe last week that I had been horse shopping and I fell in love with the first horse I looked at, a big Appaloosa mare. The owner decided she didn’t want to sell her after I visited, but she had a change of heart. Fast forward a week, she’s now enjoying life at my mom’s barn.

Her barn name is Mocha and I’m trying to get the nickname “Mo” to stick. I went to visit her after she arrived at my mom’s–I had a bit of anxiety about her transition for some reason, but she seemed content eating her hay and following us around in the pasture. Read More »

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