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Lazy Bitch Guide to Baking Homemade Cookies

It’s been a minute since I’ve contributed to my Lazy Bitch Guide series, which is where I attempt to find short cuts and ways to simplify tasks that lazy bitches like me tend to avoid. Today, we master the art of sugar cookies made from scratch, all for the sake of holiday gatherings.

I truly enjoy baking, but typically it’s out of a box and lately, I’ve had a burning desire to make something to proudly claim that I have indeed baked from scratch. Here are a few tried and true techniques to get great cookies and enjoy the time spent in the kitchen with minimal anger and disappointment. Read More »

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My Weekend Routine

DSC_8168 copy

Sunday Routine

There’s no such thing of a no plans weekend in my life. I’m a planner and I find as I become more of an adult (I’m 31 but I still feel young AF), I have to plan out my weekends. Visiting friends in other states, booking freelance work, I just end up filling all my weekends up with stuff.

Last weekend was no exception, but Sunday was pretty flexible and a good example of how I spend a weekend day when I’m in town. Read on for my weekend routine! Read More »

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