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Bachelorette Party Style: Daytime Shenanigans

As wedding season begins to ramp up, so do the penis straws, lingerie parties and wine consumption aka… the bachelorette parties. The first of this season was for my friend Rachael who ties the knot next month. Since it was a weekend bachelorette party getaway, I planned both daytime and nighttime looks.
Our afternoon festivities consisted of a four hour wine tour visiting wineries in Traverse City, Michigan. I wanted to dress in something I might wear everyday back at home, but a little more fun and playful, but suitable for trekking through wineries. We had such a great time and for brides thinking of what to do with their bachelorette party and Vegas isn’t quite your style, I recommend wine tasting since it’s a way to get a group of girls to bond and try dozens of wine, and it’s a super affordable.
[Dittos Clarissa Distressed Suspender Shorts (on sale, and they run a little big, order one size smaller!), Billabong Kimono and Sixtyseven Boots c/o Lulu*s, hat by J Crew, crop top from American Apparel, Ultralight Aviators c/o Triple Graces, bag c/o Trask]
So there you have it, my daytime bachelorette party look! Stay tuned for Friday, I’ll be posting my nighttime look!
Photos by Ashley Steffen
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Fitness: Finding Motivation

I’ve been slowly adjusting my lifestyle towards better health and it’s already been seven months! Motivation comes and goes and sometimes it’s tough to keep the momentum going.
-Make friends. As an introvert, this wasn’t an easy task and it took about five months for me to start talking to people. It might take you more or less to warm up to the people around you, but now that I have, I find myself more excited to get to class. Phil, Bill, Ric and Tim are my main pals, the ones who work the hardest in class and I’m now always trying to keep up with them.
-Switch it up. After a pretty consistent routine of four classes a week (abs and strength/conditioning back to back, twice a week) and 2-3 additional days of workouts on my own, I realized things get old quick. Throughout the last couple months, I’ve tried other fitness classes, switched up my workout days (taking Fridays off make my Saturday workouts so much more fun and then I can enjoy a Friday night!) and continue to try new exercises.
-Stay inspired. I find motivation in blogs like the Four Percent or curbing my sweet tooth with healthy dessert recipes on Chocolate Covered Katie. When I’m learning new exercises or gaining new tips or recipes from blogs, I’m more motivated and inspired to stay on track.
Photos by Kyle Keberlein
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A couple weeks ago, we stopped in this open space in our neighborhood to let James run.
He loves a good stick.

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Workout Look + Tips For a Better Butt

I asked personal trainer Kalea Delezenne for some tips on how to tighten and lift those glutes, my ongoing fitness goal. I participate in her classes at least once a week since she’s such a great instructor and could think of no better person to provide some tips for us. Read the interview below!


[Back Me Up Reversible Sports Bra and matching Lift Me Up Long Leggings with Z Dri Technology c/o Zumba (now serving as a Blogger Ambassador!), bag by Rebecca Minkoff]

Interview with Kalea Delezenne, Personal Trainer
As a trainer I am in a unique position when it comes to
assisting people reach their health and wellness goals. I get to motivate,
encourage, dispel myths and occasionally help people over hurdles that they
have placed in front of them. It is a rewarding career to say the least. There
are a few areas that women are consistently looking to improve no matter their
age; arms (“less waving hello after I stop”), abs (“this part RIGHT here”) and
glutes (“how do I make this stick out more?”). 
While there is no magic method for improving our body (other
than time, consistency and challenging ourselves) there are proven exercises we
can perform that will help us reach our goals; in this case ‘I would like more
junk in the trunk’.
is the best exercise to improve a sad, flabby ass?
There are a few exercises that will
help us improve our backside, but a guaranteed Queen of the Hill is the squat.
Before you think ‘ugh I don’t like those’, think about what you are trying to
accomplish. What is more important? The goal you want to achieve or taking on a
challenge that will help you get there?
In addition to the squat, lunges
and climbing stairs are excellent choices.
is the best exercise to do if you’re in a time crunch and don’t have time to
hit the gym?
Body weight exercises are great for
this. Pushups, planks, wall sits, lunges and even a few burpees (if you are
feeling up to them) will target all of your muscle groups in a short amount of
time. Depending on your current fitness level you can start with 3 rounds of 2
pushups, 2 burpees and 2 lunges on each side and perform the plank and wall sit
for 10-15 seconds.
3)     Any tips or tricks for intensifying these
To intensify any exercise you can
add weight through dumbbells or a barbell, increase the speed or number of
reps, or decrease the time you spend resting in between.
4)     What muscles make up our core?
Our core is comprised of our glutes, hip flexors,
rectus abdominals (6 pack muscles), obliques, tranverse abdominal (our inner
girdle), erector spinae (the muscles that run along our spine) and hamstrings.