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Workout Look + Tips For a Better Butt

I asked personal trainer Kalea Delezenne for some tips on how to tighten and lift those glutes, my ongoing fitness goal. I participate in her classes at least once a week since she’s such a great instructor and could think of no better person to provide some tips for us. Read the interview below!


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Interview with Kalea Delezenne, Personal Trainer
As a trainer I am in a unique position when it comes to
assisting people reach their health and wellness goals. I get to motivate,
encourage, dispel myths and occasionally help people over hurdles that they
have placed in front of them. It is a rewarding career to say the least. There
are a few areas that women are consistently looking to improve no matter their
age; arms (“less waving hello after I stop”), abs (“this part RIGHT here”) and
glutes (“how do I make this stick out more?”). 
While there is no magic method for improving our body (other
than time, consistency and challenging ourselves) there are proven exercises we
can perform that will help us reach our goals; in this case ‘I would like more
junk in the trunk’.
is the best exercise to improve a sad, flabby ass?
There are a few exercises that will
help us improve our backside, but a guaranteed Queen of the Hill is the squat.
Before you think ‘ugh I don’t like those’, think about what you are trying to
accomplish. What is more important? The goal you want to achieve or taking on a
challenge that will help you get there?
In addition to the squat, lunges
and climbing stairs are excellent choices.
is the best exercise to do if you’re in a time crunch and don’t have time to
hit the gym?
Body weight exercises are great for
this. Pushups, planks, wall sits, lunges and even a few burpees (if you are
feeling up to them) will target all of your muscle groups in a short amount of
time. Depending on your current fitness level you can start with 3 rounds of 2
pushups, 2 burpees and 2 lunges on each side and perform the plank and wall sit
for 10-15 seconds.
3)     Any tips or tricks for intensifying these
To intensify any exercise you can
add weight through dumbbells or a barbell, increase the speed or number of
reps, or decrease the time you spend resting in between.
4)     What muscles make up our core?
Our core is comprised of our glutes, hip flexors,
rectus abdominals (6 pack muscles), obliques, tranverse abdominal (our inner
girdle), erector spinae (the muscles that run along our spine) and hamstrings. 


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This Week in Details

My nails are sad little stubs, a brittle version of their former shellac selves. I gave my nails a break from nail polish for two weeks and currently am wearing the “Hide or Go Chic” blue on my nails.
I bought two packs of these sorry cards. Looking forward to pissing people off and having the perfect card to deliver. 
Bought a bunch of delicious frosted sugar cookies from the local farmer’s market. Most people buy produce at these establishments, but I make the trip across town just for the cookies.


Kate, the creator behind WordForBeingFree, sent me this super cute headband. I’ve been needing these lately, especially for workouts. Kate was a senior when I was a freshman in high school and I looked up to her and it’s really cool to have our paths cross again 15ish years later. There’s a super cute orange polka dot scarf up on her site now, take a look!

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This Week in Details

I’ve been obsessed with these three colors this summer. Maybelline’s Hot Plum and Fuchsia Flash and Essie’s Trophy Wife
I mentioned a couple posts ago that I’d give a quick review of the Nokia Lumia 928. Long story short, it’s pretty and functional. I’ve spent some time personalizing it by changing the background colors, rearranging the tiles and downloading my top apps and exploring its capabilities. There’s just so much you can do with the phone, it’s actually a little overwhelming. 
Its picture quality is probably my favorite feature. It takes great photos in low light, which I really struggle with my current iPhone. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t run on this platform and it’s my favorite app to use.

Disclosure: I’m participating in the Verizon Style Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of free services in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.