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Fitness Friday: Sweater Weather

I’ve been working butt on (not off, I’m trying to build this booty up, not lose what little I have) this fall and cooler temperatures and overeating this week led me to wear this Cozy Orange sweater for Pure Barre and a day of indulging in corned beef hash and pancakes and movie theater popcorn. Something about this time of year has me craving pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin donuts, cider, cream-based soups, mac and cheese and chips..chips for some reason. I love how motivated I’ve been the last three months with my workout routine and schedule. I’ve been dedicated and excited, but I’m trying to find that self control and motivation with my food choices. 
New goals this fall/winter: maintain workout schedule of 6 days a week, get back to tracking my food on MyFitnessPal and developing a stronger buddy system to hold me accountable. I competed in a challenge in September with a friend and it was incredibly motivating. I need to do that again and my goal is to make more friends in these classes so I have a stronger network of people who have similar interests and goals. What are your fitness goals this time of year?
Photos by Kyle Keberlein
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Fitness Friday: Make it Fun

If you discount my pathetic senior year of cross country, I participated in my first ever 5K last weekend, but at a walking pace..and with my dog. My dog James is in his absolute happy place when he’s surrounded by other dogs and people and I couldn’t deny him of that and the exercise that comes along with it. So we joined up with our friends Katherine and Steve. They brought their lab Charlie and then James and Charlie were instant pals (at least in James’ warped mind.)
I was especially happy to participate to help the local humane society and get some extra exercise in. Forms of exercise disguised as a good time like this 5K are things I’d like to participate in more often. In the past, I’ve avoided nature at all costs and now I’d like to do more horseback/trail riding with my mom and maybe even try hiking. What types of exercise/fun are your favorite? I need more ideas!


Usually I’m crabby when the college students return to town, but for some reason this year I’m appreciating the liveliness. I find myself spending more time in East Lansing when I might normally avoid it altogether. Last Friday, Alison of Look Sharp Lansing and I met up in EL for lunch and we wandered on campus and off campus for photos. It was quiet and a bit chilly, but a wonderful time of the year to stroll around.
[top from Gap, Kapture shoe c/o Naturalizer, pants from J Crew, denim vest from H&M, bag by Rebecca Minkoff, sunglasses c/o TOMS]
Photos by Alison of Look Sharp Lansing

Fitness Friday: Monochromatic

Well, I’ve finally become obsessed with workout outfits. It’s helped with my motivation over this past year, but now I find myself unwilling to buy things like new jeans, but all about buying new workout pants in a fun print.
Update on my fitness goals: I completed ONE pull up last weekend. Just one, but holy crap I’ve never been able to do even one more before! I definitely feel like my arms are looking more toned, but that belly fat is hard to lose! I’ve got more than half a month left in my FlexCITY fitness challenge and more self control to muster when it comes to pizza. Wish me luck!
[midriff cutout bratop c/o Espalier (discount for 20 percent off: BBAN8ISMP), leggings by Athleta, Nike running shoes, sweatshirt by Stylestalker]
Photos by mom
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Fitness Friday: Switch It Up


I lost all motivation this summer, but I’ve lit a fire under my ass to get back on track. A light bulb finally went off when I stumbled on @katyhearnfit’s Instagram and saw her before and after fitness photos. I thought a booty that big had to be natural, but her before photos proved otherwise. Much like mine, she once had a flat pancake butt and I realized that I too could have a big ol’ booty if I made a bigger effort. When I first started working out consistently last fall, it was to shed some extra weight and feel better, but I never really pushed myself. Now, I’d really like to get a lot more toned and become more consistent with my eating and workouts.

[Cold Shoulder Hoodie, Tri-Me Perfect Leggings and We Mesh Adjustable V-Bra sports bra (available later September, similar sports bra) c/o Zumba Wear, tank c/o Athleta, shoes by Nike]

Since I’ve got a Type A personality, I’ve outlined a new strategy to become more fit including:
Increase quantity and intensity. In the last month, I increased workouts from four days a week (which included two days of workout classes and two days of working out on my own) to six days a week includes four to five days of workout classes and only one day of working out on my own.) I struggle to push myself on my own and classes are a must for me.
Don’t get comfortable. It’s been easier for me to not push myself. I settled in at a comfortable pace on the treadmill, never increased the weight of free weights in class, but now I’m challenging myself to not take any shortcuts and increase weights and my speed.
Try new classes and gyms. I feel like I’m cheating on my main gym and favorite instructor when I do this, but it’s exciting to try something new and check out friend’s gyms and different classes! I’ve tried new cardio classes, Pure Barre and next week, I’m trying out a kickboxing class! I’ve also subbed in on kickball teams and I’d like to visit my mom more and go horseback riding with our horses!
Drink more water and take vitamins! I’ve set an alarm to remember to take my daily Vous Multivitamin otherwise I’ll just forget. It’s customized to fit my needs and so that paired with drinking enough water, I physically and mentally feel prepared to sweat my ass of in a workout class. Seems like it wouldn’t make a big difference but the days I just drink diet squirt are the days I feel the most cramps and the shittiest during a workout.
Take on the challenges. One of the new gyms, FLEXcity Fitness, I’ve been visiting this last month is running a month long challenge in September. It’s meant to complete with a partner to hold you more accountable and we’ll be measured before and after, so I can actually know what kind of results I’m getting! Plus there are prizes, even more extra motivation!

The Vous Vitamins I referenced earlier (and a juice Kyle made for me.)

Photos by Kyle Keberlein

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