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Last month, I set my fears (and insecurities) to the side to try aerial yoga. It’s always intimidated me, but seemed like so much fun and a great way to build strength. Firefly Hot Yoga Bar invited me and my friends to try out a class with Elissa and realized I was capable of more than I thought I was. Sure, Elissa made every move look as seamless and smooth as if it were second nature, but after a couple tries, I was doing a few moves myself! It was a great way to get some good stretches in and work on my lackluster flexibility. If any friends in the area or beyond want to try, they have aerial classes on Wednesday and Sunday!
me..considerably less graceful
It was such a great experience, thank you Elissa and Kylie!
If you’re local, you must check out Firefly Hot Yoga Bar! There’s a variety of hot yoga classes and aerial! And it’s the most beautiful space.

Here and There

My friend Erin moved back to town and it’s been my mission to show her the best restaurants in town including El Oasis, my favorite food truck, just a mile away from my apartment. I broke in my new joggers for the trip and wore them on repeat throughout the weekend. I’ll probably wear them again today too.
LNA top from Retail Therapy, Lululemon jet set crops, bag by Loeffler Randall, Nike Air Max c/o KicksUSA]
Photos by Erin Koglin
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Workout & Post-Workout Essentials

A variation of Fitness Friday, I wanted to share a couple essentials for pre and post-workout. Post-workout (if I’m not too sweaty and require an immediate shower), I use one of these essential oil mixes that is light and relaxing. I created this blend with The Collective during a workshop at Merl’s Shudio. It was funny because all the calm yogi’s created wonderfully uplifting mixes and I’m like I need ALL THE CALMING SCENTS.
I’ve used a lot of deodorants over the years and I’ve been using Dove advanced care deodorant for more than a year and it comes in wonderfully subtle scents and is super moisturizing, something that is a concern for my dry arm pits that require daily shaving.
Crude sent me some cold pressed juices and I haven’t found a green juice that I actually enjoy. I can force myself to drink some and love the fruitier variations, but the crude green juice is actually quite tasty.
My hair suffers the most from my workouts. All the sweat ( I sweat a lot on my head) ruins my hair, making it fuzzy and stiff. I’ve been spritzing this DevaCurl lavender curl revitalizer to deoderize my hair along with smoothing out the fuzzies with a hot iron around my forehead to solve those problems.
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Fitness Friday: Athleisure

I’ve been in overeating mode since about..December. I work out at least 5 days a week, but I can’t help but indulge in every cookie, chip or burger presented to me. I’ve been in a perpetual state of bloat and I’m trying to figure out how to get myself out of this rut. 
Since I haven’t yet convinced myself to eat more vegetables and fruits, the next best thing for me has been meal replacement shakes. I’ve been doing this for breakfast or lunch and it’s easier now with the new protein shake place in town called Cheers. It actually fills me up! I’ve been trying to roast more vegetables too since this is my preferred way to eat them. I’ve also been buying sparkling water. I crave carbonation, which is why I drink so much pop. These are just tiny little baby steps to get myself in the right direction and be realistic. Any tips on eating healthier and smaller portions?
[Gaiam studio to street harem pants c/o Kohl’s, tank and sports bra from Lululemon, shoes by Nike, aviators c/o Shade Station, leather jacket from Zara]
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James & a few patio updates

I live in a quiet neighborhood and my apartment complex is low key with lots of trees and outdoor space that I haven’t quite taken advantage of in the last two summers here. It’s looked like this the last year or so.
This summer, I vowed to spruce it up which included sanding and repainting the rusted out patio table, replacing the tired old plastic chairs with new wooden ones and research on what plants can take direct sun all day. It’s a work in progress, but I’ve found some good deals along the way ($20 outdoor rug from World Market and solar lights on sale at Target.) I’m still looking for more plants and Kyle is starting to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and jalapenos up here. But most importantly, James loves it. We keep the door open so he can wander in and out. I’ll do another, better post of just the patio since I keep finding more things to finish it!
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