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I was privileged this weekend to entertain a guest by the name of Alison this weekend. We worked together at a small, hick-ish grocery store throughout high school and she’s always been someone who makes me laugh uncontrollably. Most notably in high school while working, we stuffed her into one of a trash bin that one may think no grown human being could fit into, but Ali being somewhat a contortionist, was able to squeeze into one. From there, I would go tell managers on duty that “there’s something wrong with the garbage door, can you please check it?” And they would stick their hand into the open and Ali would grab onto their hand. I bet you every single one of the people we convinced to “help with the trash bin” pooped themselves after that. 

Anyways, Ali came to visit and to shop for the perfect outfit for her engagement session at the end of the month. A group of us are heading to Cedar Point and she and her fiance Tim are getting their photos done at the actual amusement park. So fitting for this couple. Well, Ali was able to find an adorable dress and pair of nude wedges and as we shopped, I pulled her aside to photograph her because she’s just too dang cute.

[tank by op, jeans by rampage, shoes + cardi by charlotte russe, hat by bdg, necklace made by ali]
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haley & karrin

Oh, Haley and Karrin. I met Karrin earlier this year through Haley and she’s so so sweet and fun. Her style sums up her personality–fun, easygoing, thrifty and carefree. She’s from the U.P. and she’s finishing up her junior year at Michigan State University. Just like Haley, she’s a little smarty pants who’s always studying and keeping up with her classes and maintaining great grades.  Karrin explained to me how she’s had this dress for years and it remains both her favorite and go-to item to wear when going to music festivals. I can totally see her twirling around in that dress barefoot dancing around with a good beer in her hand! 

I usually go every Monday to see an amazing bluegrass band Steppin’ In It with Haley, Karrin and more friends. It’s so much fun hanging out with those girls. They’re both so laid back and without fail, will always get on the dance floor to dance to all the songs.

The girls took a moment away from studying for finals to let me photograph them on campus yesterday. There is this great little garden area near the library and I thought it would fit perfectly with their style. Thanks ladies for letting me take pictures of you! <3
[dress by f21, necklace from urban outfitters, sandals from dsw]
[dress from a milwaukee vintage shop called uncommon things, almost all accessories from vintage or flea markets, boots by nicole]

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spring things I like

Katy of Modly Chic asked if I was interested in participating in a weekly question/answer on my blog about fashion/beauty and it sounds fun, so here we go!

What is your favorite spring trend?
I’m loving the pastel and nude colors that are hot this spring. I’m needing a pair of nude heels ASAP! Right now, I’m obsessed with these Steve Madden platform clogs. I drool over them every time I see them in stores.


After seeing Taylor of Sterling Style rock such pretty pinks I’ve made my own attempts so far


What’s your favorite part about this time of the year?
Everyone comes out of hibernation in Michigan at the first sign of spring (which is usually a tease because you can almost guarantee more snow fall even after a beautiful, summer-esque day in April). Sometimes I forget how many people live in Lansing until the first nice spring day and I see tons and tons of people walking dogs, riding bikes, shopping, etc and everyone is in such a jolly mood! I love sitting on patios grabbing lunch and drinks in the evening meeting up with friends and people watching in the city.

What clothing item are you excited about pulling out of storage for spring?
Actually this winter I bought some spring/summer items on sale from last season that have been waiting patiently to be worn! One of my favorite purchases is a yellow French Connection tank. I’m ready to venture out of my usual colors of black and grey this spring and summer!

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haley & cupcakes

Tonight I spent some time with a couple of my favorite brunettes, my friends Sarah and Haley. Sarah and I have a weekly routine of meeting up at a coffee shop in attempt to “get things done.” It usually involves us eavesdropping on other’s conversations and giggling, telling each other stories and giggling or a combination of both. Haley popped in later and I begged her to bring the outfit she wore during her birthday celebration this past Monday so I could photograph her.

Haley never looks the same. She has a variety of ways she styles her hair, a closet filled with adorable items and her addiction to shoes has rubbed off on me. I love the pattern and playfulness of this romper. The buttons and sweetheart neckline add such a cute touch and calls out, “HALEY STYLE!” While I photographed her she was constantly prancing around and twirling, just what one should do while wearing a cutesy romper.



[romper from charlotte russe, shoes by zigi soho and tights from express]




I still have so many photos from Philly I want to share. My last night there with Kim, we picked up some delicious cupcakes from Flying Monkey and we ate them after dinner. Since they all looked so good, we divided them into fours and everyone received a piece of each cupcake. I scarfed mine down in .2 seconds.




This one just looks like I’m attacking the camera with cupcake.


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