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Guest Post: Ben

I’m thrilled to have this hot piece of man candy, Ben, share his perspective on men’s fashion and fall fashion trends. I tend to get questions on men’s trends and I figure who better to ask than this stylish Detroit boy and co-creator of Texts from Last Night. And for your viewing pleasure…
Men's Fall Fashion
Sometimes how i wonder how I ended up “working” at my desk in cutoff sweatpant shorts. I mean, I’m a product of private school uniforms, herringbone jackets and bright green TopSiders. When I went to college, I refused to wear anything more comfy than denim to a 9 AM lecture, didn’t know what it felt like to wear sandals at a bar and displayed my MSU allegiance through those same green TopSiders at football games. Yet here I am in these cutoffs, browsing Twitter when a message arrives asking if I’d like to do a guest post on Fall trends for men. Guess it’s time to change…
Men's Fall Fashion
[shirt by ralph lauren black label, tie by rag and bone, jeans by apc, cardigan by j crew, wing tip monk strap shoes by ferragamo, watch by toywatch]

For me, one of the biggest perks to running a website is that what I wear is entirely up to me. Some days I might be in a suit, sometimes I won’t put on pants and on some Skype video calls I get to combine both looks (guess which half). To me, the most important thing as far as style is concerned is that no matter how ridiculous things get, I still appear put together. Here are some ways I’ll attempt to pull that off this fall.
Men's Fall Fashion

First, I’m a huge advocate of the rolled up pant leg. This one is easy: take whatever pants you’re wearing and give them some extra cuff. Any amount of added texture above the ankles will work. You can rock small, hem-sized rolls, or one giant fold like my friend Kristin who pulled this off with a pair of black boots. Before you start complaining about how cold your ankles are: stop. This will work with socks, but it requires you to throw out the boring pairs. 
Obviously, if you roll up your pants you have something interesting going on at the shoe level. I’d suggest looking this link over. There’s also plenty of good stuff coming out from TOMS this season, so you can get a side of karma with your blossoming shoe addiction. 
Men's Fall Fashion
Men's Fall Fashion
Men's Fall Fashion
Men's Fall Fashion

Fall is a time to layer up, so that means you need to step up your sweater game. My favorites are cardigans. A good cashmere v-neck is also an essential item. Big, chunky cardigans can stand on their own over a t-shirt for days with a chill, the v-neck will show off a shirt & tie combination and can be even worn under a jacket or with a suit. Play with color and proportion especially on the sleeves and show some damn cuff. Grey, navy and green are the colors to look for, but don’t be afraid to go bold in the color department if you feel the urge.
I hate the hype, but I love bow ties and I strongly suggest that every guy learns how to tie one. It’s one of the greatest bar tricks and it definitely can win a few hearts if that’s your goal. The other trend in ties seems to be slim, knit ties with tie bars, but my favorite look is the Italian take on a narrow tie. Tie one up, but slide the back to the side to create a slightly wider silhouette. 

Men's Fall Fashion
[shirt by american apparel, cardigan b zara, pants by jcrew, shoes by toms, watch by toywatch]

Get to know a good pair of khakis. Really get to know a pair of slim-cut suit pants without the jacket. Pair both with casual shirts for a relaxed, yet purposeful weekend look.

Men's Fall Fashion
Men's Fall Fashion
Men's Fall Fashion

Photos by Becky Johns
My personal style has evolved to accommodate what works for me, so make sure to adjust your look throughout fall. Also, be sure to check out some of my new favorite style sources online like Valet, Secret Forts, ACL, and The Moment to garner inspiration for how you can use what is already in your closet to kill it out there. If you’re interested in what your girlfriend wants, sign up for the Zoe Report. If you just want to look at women that you wish were your girlfriend(s), check out The Wandering Eye on GQ. Oh and I almost forgot… Send all of your texts from last night to 76843 and check out
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kate & herbie

You may frequently hear me speak of my boss lady, Kate. She’s the chief communications officer at my work and she sings, dances and acts in theatre. Because of her background in theatre, she’s relaxed and comfortable in the limelight or in this case, as the focus of this photography session. I always have a blast taking pictures of her whether it’s work related or for my blog.
Our style and aesthetic are quite opposite of each other, but nonetheless hers is stylish, playful and fun. Her closet is filled with colorful, patterned clothing and a variety of cute, tailored jackets. If given the choice to spend the rest of her life in one single store, Kate might choose Anthropologie or J Crew. The adorable dog with her is Herbie, her seven year old pit bull.
[dress from spotted moth, jeans and bracelet by f21, shoes by madden girl]
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The Want List: Jackets & Jackets!

As fall (finally!) approaches, I’ve been spending an embarrassing amount of time searching for coats and jackets. There are so many styles I’m digging right now. From ladylike coats to aviator style jackets, I’m lusting after them all.
2. Double breasted coat, on sale $54
4. BB Dakota coat, $119.99
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Blogger of the Moment: Sterling Style

Every couple months I will begin to feature fabulous bloggers who inspire me. I chose Taylor of Sterling Style as the inaugural Blogger of the Moment for Blonde Bedhead because besides her obvious beauty, style and knowledge of fashion, she’s also ambitious, down to earth and super relatable. I love her and I know you will too if you don’t already!

Name: Taylor Sterling. Just so people know “Sterling” is actually my middle name. It is like my stage name for blogging.
Location: Los Gatos, CA
Age: 28
How long have you been blogging? 
Almost two years.
What prompted you to start a fashion blog?
I have always loved fashion. I even interned with Whitney Port at WWD in Los Angeles years ago. I wanted to share my inspirations in one place and I came across a few blogs and knew I had to get involved.
How would you describe your style?
My style is always evolving. I can’t ever say I have a specific style. However, I am noticing that I am totally a laid back Cali girl with a hint of glamour.
I love bloggers who also have a career like you! Can you explain in more detail what you do for a living? how does this play into your style?
A few years back I was doing management and recruiting for Abercrombie & Fitch and grew tired of the retail world. Now, I am the Director of Recruiting for a financial services firm where I am in charge of all aspects of recruiting. I hire financial advisors.
This is a challenge when it comes to style. I use to dress very cute and professional. I can’t wear jeans or be too relaxed at work, but with my crazy schedule it gets tiresome always dressing up for work. Lately, I throw on black pants, a striped long sleeve top and a blazer and fancy flats and I am out the door.
What would be your dream job?
My dream job is to work for myself and most likely something in fashion. My work environment now is very entrepreneurial and I have become a lot more ambitious. I also know that I do like corporate environments. I also am not the kind of girl who will quit her day job until I feel secure. So, right now I feel like I am working three jobs.
What designers/fellow bloggers inspire you?
Wow, so many people inspire me. I always talk about the designers Stella McCartney and Chloe. I feel my message and aesthetic is similar. They both promote women who are healthy, happy, professional and ambitious. They design clothes for a “real” woman! I also admire fashion blogger Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere because she is so friendly and sweet. I also love Beth Jones from B Jones Style for her great vintage finds and fun demeanor.
What are some of your hobbies besides blogging?
I love to be fit and healthy. I have completed a half marathon, a triathlon and I love yoga, running and Crossfit. I believe a healthy and happy girl is a beautiful girl.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Wow, in five years I will be 33! I hope that I am successful in my career and married to the man I love and finding new way to be stylish after my twenties.
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another andrea & a radio show!

A couple weekends ago, Andrea and I were on In Her Shoes, a local radio talk show. We were the young professionals to be represented on the show. Andrea dressed cute and comfy while I showed up looking like a bum in a grey t-shirt. Andrea has great style and looks polished whenever I see her out and about. She’s the talent retention director for Lansing Economic Development Corporation and I adore her. This particular afternoon she wore a printed, flowy dress on dressed down with flippies. I believe her plans were to hang around downtown following the show since it was a Saturday and there were fun things going on downtown.
[dress by f21, sunglasses by kate spade and necklace from Guatemala]
One of the hosts, Shelley, really cracks me up. I met her a couple times at Toastmasters, but I never realized how absolutely hilarious she is until the show. I wish I had her quick wit. Shelley owns Mieshel Image Consulting and she kept talking about how she had to go shopping after the show with a client at the best mall in Michigan and my favorite: Somerset. Oh her rough life!
Tiffany is the owner and president of Motion Marketing & Media, the publisher of the magazine, Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle and co-host of the show. I want to be her when I grow up!
and a photo of our shoes!
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