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Six Little Luxuries to Gift Others (Or Treat Yourself)

It’s the little luxuries that are easy for us to snag as gifts for someone who just won’t buy for themselves, whether it’s fresh flowers, fancy laundry soap or luxe hair products. I’m sharing a few of my favorite inexpensive gifts for others or to treat myself (because I personally don’t have that problem, I buy shit for myself all the time.) Read More »

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Cozy Days at Home


Pumpkin Spice X2

I baked pumpkin spice muffins last weekend for my grandparents and niece visit and added frosting. My grandparents also love a flavored creamer so I scooped up a giant pumpkin spice one and we enjoyed over-indulging all weekend long. Read More »

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Fall at Home


Lots of Time at Home

If I rattle off the top three things in my life right now they would be: no car, rats in house and ringworm. Lovely, right? I gave myself a solid week of self pity and I fully indulged. I am now trying to have a better outlook on the bullshit life has thrown at me. Read More »

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James: A Day in the Life


My Sweet Fluff

My idea of a dog had been created from the ones I grew up with. Our little mutts mixed with six kids in a house–utter chaos. They ate any food we dropped, barked at any noise and couldn’t sit still–always on the hunt for the next meal or begging for food. And then I got sweet baby James after 10 years of living on my own. Read More »