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My Hair & Skin Musthaves


I’m always testing out new hair products and I’ve got my tried and true and newest obsessions, plus drugstore deals and a couple splurge-worthy items. I might not style my hair a lot or get crazy with my make up, but I do care about my hair since it’s just..everywhere and my skin, because let’s face it, my skin is a dick and it requires constant upkeep.


Not pictured are my large, oversized Biolage Matrix Smooth shampoo and conditioner, which is my go-to at home. I’ve been trying so many new shampoos and conditioners lately just to have other options and I found the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil shampoo and conditioner to be quite hydrating. Once I’m out of the shower, I let my hair air dry, but not without first applying a serum, curl cream and my most favorite gel in all the land: Biolage Gelee. The first photo pictured in the post features two products I was skeptical of, but tried and loved. My friend Liz bought me the Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream last year and I absolutely love how it moisturizes my hair, cutting back on frizz. Especially after a blow out and my hair is the most dry, it eats it right up. I was also leery of the BB Pret-a-Powder. I’ve tried a ton of dry shampoos and they either make my scalp itch or looks like I dumped baby powder on my head. This one doesn’t spray out, which I really like and I can control how much goes in my hair and it soaks up the oil without making me itch like crazy.

I think there are so many great serums out there and no matter the brand, this is an absolute necessary item in my arsenal of hair products. I grew fond of Ouidad’s Shine Glaze since a little goes a long way, but I’ve always loved John Frieda Frizz Ease, especially this new one I tried, the nourishing oil elixer.
I had such typical teen acne in high school and in college, but once I was out of school, and perhaps it was the stress and my hormones, but it just grew to be so much worse. I’ve gone to dermatologists, been on Accutane and other skin medications, and it somehow reverts back. I’ve used Proactiv since I was 15 and it really helps keep the acne at bay. It’s never completely cleared my skin, but it keeps it in check. I use Proactiv every night (step 1 cleanser not pictured above, not looking photo worthy and still sitting in my tub] and for morning cleanses, I like this Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil. I’ll use this or something lighter to take my make up off at night too instead of Proactiv. 
My wallet was assaulted on such a small bottle of this Kate Somerville Exfolicate. $20 for such a tiny little bottle, but the larger size was $80something. I bought it over a month ago and I’ve been using it twice a week and I still have a ton left in this tiny little baby bottle. I can’t express to you through the written word how much I love this product. It sloughs away dead skin and makes my skin feel smooth. The Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Masque is also a godsend. I used to use a sulfur mask by Proactiv and found it to be extremely helpful when used as a spot treatment before I went to bed. This product comes in a large jar and is worth the price. I use it as a mask and also as a spot treatment for stubborn zits.
Lastly, for the rare day I take time to do my hair and blow it out myself, these are my go-to products. Both of the Jose Eber tools work great, I can particularly tell a difference with how quick my hair dries with this infrared dryer. I used it again earlier this week when I was in an extreme time crunch post-shower with wet I straightened my hair quickly and I honestly spent 15-16 minutes on, which is probably the quickest I’ve ever straightened my hair. Used to take me a couple hours in high school!
Anyways, my hair takes a beating from these tools though so I use Ouidad’s 12 minute deep treatment before and after blowouts and use Morrocanoil which is a heavier serum that hair just soaks up.
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Date Night with CO Bigelow

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m pretty low key when it comes to planning dates. It’s usually centered around “I’VE GOT A FIVE DOLLAR OFF COUPON!” And so then we go. Kyle will change out of his gym shorts and I may or may not change out of my sweatshirt. We also live together, so the excitement of going out together isn’t what it was last fall when I’d nervously apply 8 layers of deoderant and kept up on my manicures and pedicures.

Since I now work out 6 days a week, it’s more important to me to be taking care of my hair and skin rather than get dolled up with all the extra make up products. CO Bigelow sent me a package of products including the Rose Salve and Mentha Lip Shine that I’ve already been using for years (hello soft lips and minty breath!) along with their lemon body lotion and Not Your Ordinary Daily Shampoo and Conditioner and Lemon Sugar Body Scrub. So, I’d rather not smell like an armpit on a dinner date, but also not have to worry about reapplying eyeliner and all that jazz.
For this particular date night, when I tried out all the products at once like a mini spa morning, we packed our bags, got dressed in this exact outfit posted on the blog last summer and headed to the little tourist German town in Michigan called Frankenmuth, where Kyle grew up. I’d never been there so we visited all the candy shops, general stores and ate dinner at his favorite hometown restaurant, Tiffany’s, and took James to the dog park to test his agility skills and let him run like a crazy little man. 
CO Bigelow supplied me with the items above!
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I’m a sucker for anything hair and so naturally, I checked out the new salon in town, Heat Blow Dry. The space was beautifully designed with chandeliers, a coffered ceiling and so many pretty details from the chairs to candy jars. Co-owner Dan Bucilli was one of my favorites at his old salon and I’m so happy for him to have his own business, especially one that caters to blowouts, something we needed here for some time. If you live in the mid-Michigan area, check it out.

My friends and I with Dan!

My Winter Hair & Beauty Products!

It’s only January and I’m over winter, which is a bit premature for someone who lives in Michigan and has at least four more months of it. My face and hair are dry and I feel like a hot mess. Thanks to a few products, they help me appear more lively during the cold, dry winter months.
Burt’s Bees Soothing Chapstick (tastes like I smeared a cough drop all over my lips, but IS soothing!), Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturizer and Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
Biolage Deep Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, Moroccanoil Treatment, Ouidad Omega-3 Replenishing Hair Treatment
Any suggestions for hair and beauty products, let me know! I’m open to trying new products!
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Curly Hair Styling Tips


Styling curly hair on any given day can be a challenge.
Styling curly hair to withstand the elements during Fashion Week is not only a
challenge, but almost impossible! 
Yet, with the knowledge of how to work with the natural texture of your
hair and the right products, it’s no longer a mission impossible. I’ve spent my life trying to figure this out and at 26, I’ve finally acquired some tips that will help my fellow curly-haired girls out there.

Rule Number One:
don’t fight the curl. Step away from the blow dryer and straightening iron and
let your hair be. If you have super course and curly hair like mine, it’s not
necessary so much to enhance the natural curl, but smooth and refine it.
This is where TRESemme’s Salon Silk no frizz serum and
Anti-Frizz Secret Smoothing Crème come in handy. After you hop out of the
shower (make sure you comb through your hair before the shower so you don’t
have to mess with it so much afterwards,) first apply the Anti-Frizz Secret Smoothing Crème. I apply it more heavily to the ends of my hair and apply it to
different sections to ensure even distribution. Next, apply the Salon Silk serum, mostly focusing this product at the ends where frizz tends to be more
abundant. I also apply this serum more heavily around the front pieces of my
hair surrounding my face. The serum doesn’t weigh down my hair and it cuts back
on all the little fuzzies around my face.

 Rule Number Two:
be an equal opportunist. Sometimes we think if we just dab some gel on top of
hair it will magically transform itself into something manageable and refined
looking. Nope. This will happen if you equally distribute gel (try TRES Mega Hold Hair Gel or Biolage Gelee) throughout
your hair. The best way to do this is to divide your hair into sections and
distribute gel from root to the ends, but focus more of the product at the ends
of your hair where it’s the driest.

Rule Number Three:
let it be. Forget the blow dryer and let your hair dry naturally. I typically
wash my hair the night before since it can take several hours for hair to dry
completely.  Once it’s dry, I may
run a straightening iron around the front sections to smooth out the curl a
bit. Once it’s dry, I use TRES Two Spray extra hold hair spray, which fights
against humidity, a curly girl’s worst nightmare.
Look One: All Down

Since curly hair is, well, curly, you won’t have to do much
for it to look finished. Wear it all down, in a bun or a side braid. And it’s
okay for it to look a little unpolished. It’s hard to get a super sleek look
with curly hair, so again, don’t fight it. For the bun, utilize Tick Tock Vintage’s tutorial (which is how I learned to perfect the best curly hair bun)
and for a side braid, do it or yourself, or in my case, enlist the help of your
boyfriend. It’s not supposed to look perfect and so a messy braid looks great
for Fashion Week festivities, which I was inspired by at the DL1961 Show.
Look Two: Messy Side Braid (my look for Fashion’s Night Out)

Look Three: High Bun (my look last Friday)

Head to for more inspiration on how to
style your hair 24/7!

Sponsored by TRESemme

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