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Winter Florals: Dream vs Reality

Cold Ass Winter Florals

I’d love to tell you that I styled this bare legged because that’s truly the way I thought the dress looked its best, but nope. I wore cotton leggings underneath to stay warm! I made sure to snap some photos of how I preferred to style it for Christmas Eve versus how I actually wore it. Sometimes, I love styling cold weather looks and sometimes it really is a pain in my ass. I thought I would style this with brown suede boots, but I couldn’t even wear them because of the all the snow! Read More »

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How to Restyle Wavy Hair for Everyday

My hair has a habit of looking drab and sad after the first day it’s washed. I don’t have to wash it every day since it’s incredibly dry, but it becomes so flat and shapeless without a little effort put into it. I typically wash and air dry–and that’s it. But, I’ve resolved to take better care of my hair in 2018, continuing on from 2017 and take little extra effort to make it more defined, healthy and voluminous. You may recall the years I was a bleach and tone, bleaching every strand of my hair and after a while, I started to loose chunks of hair and the damage is still in the process of growing out. So now I’m enjoying my natural roots, air drying my hair and taking extra steps and products to ensure it’s health.

Moving on to styling this kind of wavy mop! This second day styling takes about 15 minutes, a few great products, large barrel curling iron and/or a straightening iron. Read on for a little tutorial for restyling (and the right products and tools to create volume, protect against heat and hold the wave!) Read More »

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My Favorite Looks of 2017


All in all, the year was pretty great even though not much has changed. I work at the same agency (but with a promotion), I live in the same house that I just adore (but with a goddamn rat I can’t seem to kill), fell in love and learned to be a little more patient (and moved on from that relationship), traveled quite a bit (and took a break from all that moving around the last three months!) and still have one amazing little pup who goes everywhere with me (and I want more.) Read More »

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