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I hung out with some other public relations young professionals after work today which was a ton of fun. It’s a new group that got started with the Central Michigan Public Relations Society of America chapter to get young people in PR together to just talk over food and drinks and try out different restaurants and venues in the area. It’s smaller scale than the other networking groups I’m involved in and I think the first meeting was a success!

I need to make more friends in this industry though. Or maybe just in general. I’m the type of person who is still best friends with people from elementary school and feel like I’m content with who I have in my life, but I need to let more people in. My friend Tom and I discussed this today. He compared his friends with the show Seinfeld with him as Jerry, me as Elaine and his two roommates filling the other two roles and how he was content with us filling those main friendship roles. I’m so thankful for the friends I have. I really do have some awesome people in my life who aren’t afraid of tough love ie “Andrea, that’s a stupid decision. Don’t do that.” Which I appreciate. My friends are funny and so out there. One of my best friends, Courtney is a five foot tall, 100 pound pistol who tells me like it is and I know she would attack anyone who did me wrong. She’s been one of my best friends for the last 15 years. I miss her constantly and wish Chicago was closer to me. Tom is probably my most honest, but protective friend and I’m so glad I can have such a fab platonic friendship with a member of the opposite sex. I usually rely on Court and Tom for advice. Haley who I’ve featured on here is also such a great person. I feel like I can’t gross her out and she’s so incredibly laidback and fun to be around. She’s the type of person to try anything and we have pretty much the same taste in music. We’re constantly fools dancing around and I feel not so old and uptight around her. Tieka has been a friend of mine since I was 19 and she’s just as disgusting as I am. We both grew up with mostly guy friends and we both have that kind of mentality where we don’t get caught up in drama. Us with our matching hairy legs–we’re a match made in friendship heaven. Blogging has helped me meet new people and make new friends though. I’ve been able to actually meet and make friends with girls I absolutely love like Kim and Melissa of Crowded Closet and go as far as book a trip to Philly to see them (next week!!)

So I really wanted a hat and although it’s tough to fit anything on top of my head with my hair, I bought this hat recently despite these struggles to keep a hat on my head.
[liquid leggings by rachel rachel roy, oxfords by aldo, hat by bdg, leather jacket by for joseph]

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I enjoy days like today when I go to a breakfast meeting (free breakfast) and a lunch meeting (free lunch) and out for a networking event (free food and beer.) It was a productive day despite being out of the office most of the day. I worked on revising my business plan. Each staff person at our office works on developing a business plan with measurable goals/objectives we hope to achieve within one year. At least one of these objectives has to be professional development. My supervisor challenged me to pretty much get off my ass and push myself–I was reminded that successful PR practitioners have overcome fears of public speaking. In order for me to grow into future leadership positions I need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively and be somewhat persuasive. I feel so energized now that I accepted the fact that I NEED to improve and there are so many ways for me to begin to work on this. Time to do more speeches and presentations!

Since it was a little cooler today, I took this as an opportunity to wear my big ol’ grey scarf perhaps one last time before it gets too warm.
[shirt by ecote, skirt by silence + noise, shoes by bcbg, leather jacket by gap, bag by marc jacobs]
A typical face of mine.

Now back to editing a TON of photos for a senior portrait session and the wedding from this past weekend!
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Blonde Bedhead Giveaway Winner!

According to, the winner of the Blonde Bedhead Giveaway is Jay!

Congrats, I will be mailing this to you shortly! Thanks everyone for participating!



I apologize for taking so long to post the winner..I’m technologically challenged and it took me forever to figure out I’m really not an idiot, but in this case, it may seem so.

kcad fashion show

What a busy weekend! I was reunited with Tieka and other fun girls to attend the Bodies of Art Fashion Show hosted by Kendall College, an art school in Grand Rapids Tieka attends. It was at the Brass Works–this cool industrial-ish building and the models were entertaining (think guy with crazy hair strutting down the glittery runway tossing up fake monopoly money.)

I felt like being comfortable so I wore jeans and a loose tee. I just realized everything I’m wearing is BDG. Ha!
[hat, striped top and jeans by bdg, wedges by aldo]
Tieka was trying to get a picture of my shoes, but I fell over.
I photographed the girls before we headed inside the Brass Works and I was loving Hailey’s free spiritedness when I photographed her. She hopped and twirled about.
I really liked this dress made of shopping bags.
Intermission entertainment was provided by the designers via karaoke. This girl was singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and the guy in front of me busted out his lighter.
Tieka has such a cute nose.

Yesterday, I photographed a wedding which was a blast. Despite the snow, I think I succeeded in getting fun shots outside, which I was worried about. I work with the bride and so a lot of work people were there. I love almost everyone I work with so it was fun to be around a ton of them in a non work environment. The bride and groom’s family are both hilarious and entertaining. I felt so unprofessional every time I’d keel over from laughing so hard–either at the groomsmen for saying something completely inappropriate or for the guests–ie old people doing the booty drop on the dance floor. I kept wishing I had a video camera to capture it all.
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Blonde Bedhead Giveaway!

Friends, thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog. I’ve been obsessed with fashion for probably my entire life and I wanted an outlet to share things that inspire me, what I’m wearing and my photography. I just started this blog in January and I get so excited when you guys leave encouraging comments and I’ve made some great friends in the process. So to express my gratitude, I shopped at one of my favorite local shops, Grace Boutique in the quaint Old Town district in Lansing and found this super cute clutch. I want to keep this for myself, but I promise I won’t!



Open to US and international readers. Leave a comment sharing your favorite song of the moment (I want to find new music!) and I’ll draw a name by Monday! Please leave your email if don’t have a blog so I can follow up if you win!

Thank you again lovelies!