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haley & karrin

Oh, Haley and Karrin. I met Karrin earlier this year through Haley and she’s so so sweet and fun. Her style sums up her personality–fun, easygoing, thrifty and carefree. She’s from the U.P. and she’s finishing up her junior year at Michigan State University. Just like Haley, she’s a little smarty pants who’s always studying and keeping up with her classes and maintaining great grades.  Karrin explained to me how she’s had this dress for years and it remains both her favorite and go-to item to wear when going to music festivals. I can totally see her twirling around in that dress barefoot dancing around with a good beer in her hand! 

I usually go every Monday to see an amazing bluegrass band Steppin’ In It with Haley, Karrin and more friends. It’s so much fun hanging out with those girls. They’re both so laid back and without fail, will always get on the dance floor to dance to all the songs.

The girls took a moment away from studying for finals to let me photograph them on campus yesterday. There is this great little garden area near the library and I thought it would fit perfectly with their style. Thanks ladies for letting me take pictures of you! <3
[dress by f21, necklace from urban outfitters, sandals from dsw]
[dress from a milwaukee vintage shop called uncommon things, almost all accessories from vintage or flea markets, boots by nicole]

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finally friday

Photo by Becky Johns
Hehehe I love this one because it screams ME! I may not look the most attractive with the saliva dripping from my teeth with my ridiculous smile, but the talented and fab Becky Johns caught my personality in this. We exchanged photography services–she needed some shots for her mom and I needed some for the blog. She’s this smart and witty 22 year old girl who’s tech savvy and has a lot to say, so you you should listen and check out her blog. Thanks again, girl!

Eek, haven’t updated all week! I’ve been so incredibly busy with work and other projects. I spent the last three weeks working on a $3 million federal grant application. This past week, almost every moment had been spent working on it. It consumed my life. We finally submitted it last night, phew! After work, I helped my friend Dan shop for a new wardrobe–I’ll be posting photos of him hopefully soon and then I had derby practice which completely wiped me out so much so that I slept in until almost noon today and I was late to work.

I hate being late and I’m definitely more of a morning person and never sleep in so late. I think I need to take it easy next week so I don’t pull anything like that again. Sadly, today was our two interns, Naomi and Becky’s last day. I love those girls–they’re smart, dedicated and armed with humorous and bubbly personalities. We celebrated their last day by taking them out to lunch at Enso, a super cool restaurant where we sat out on the patio and chatted about their internship experience with our organization. After work, I rushed home to change and get ready for a Guess eyeglasses and sunglasses commercial. I was asked to be one of the “models” to be in an internal commercial for Guess and had to sit on a leather couch, dance and talk extemporaneously on how the sunglasses made me feel. I was super excited because my first take was so good! And I was proud of myself! But I didn’t mention that I was wearing Guess sunglasses and I couldn’t quite recreate the sincerity and confidence that I spoke with in the first take. Hopefully it turns out well. 

I was such a hot mess today. I could only pile my hair on top of my head with the unusually hot and humid day and sport shorts with a studded top that I forgot I had. Anything black with studs catches my attention and this was a purchase I quickly made when I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago for a seminar.

Photo by Becky Johns
[top by H&M, shorts by bdg, boots by steve madden borrowed from becky]
Photo by Becky Johns
Becky with her ray bans that I’m lusting over..
And then I tried them on and we took some sweet photos with my reflection in them.
This fabulous man sauntered up and was not shy about asking to be photographed, so Becky snapped some of just him and then I jumped in for a few!
photo by becky johns
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Your love is stag in the white sand

Remember last week when I met the roller derby girls at the studio for the radio show? Well a combination of their winning personalities and the fact that I watched Whip It and have since romanticized my role on a team with that of Ellen Page’s Bliss character, I inquired about how to join. And I attended my first practice on Sunday!

By default, I smile a lot in new and sometimes uncomfortable situations. I wanted to pretend I was as cool as them and not be awkward, but I came across as a peppy cheerleader instead. They accepted this and the fact that I almost bit it the first couple times skating around–but I slowly improved. I learned how to do all the different types of falls, whips, etc. I loved it! I have a high pain tolerance and I’ve been looking for the perfect way to exercise, meet super cool girls and do something fun and out of the ordinary–and this fits perfectly. When I told my grandma about this she immediately laughed and basically told me I was going to have my ass handed to me. Ye of little faith, grandmother! I already ordered my skates and picked up my pads/helmet after practice and am celebrating my battle wounds! (swollen and bruised knees.) 

I’ve also been really digging cropped tops so I’ve been tying my shirts lately to pull off that look.  I don’t really like to expose my stomach so these shorts do the trick. I still love this jacket and wear it all the time. It goes with just about anything and the neutral color and shorter sleeves are perfect for spring.
[tank by silence + noise, jacket from zara, high waist shorts by american apparel, boots by miss me, tights by american apparel, belt by ecote]

On Saturday, I went to visit my friend Erin in the metro Detroit area and we visited some of my favorite shops in Royal Oak and the Eastern Market near downtown. Detroit is actually really sweet. I love going to visit over there.

Title: lyric from the song, zebra by beach house. good stuff.
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the softer side

I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t feel a bit out of element for myself today and a little Susie Homemaker in my pretty patterned dress. There was a little prance to my step, but also a ton of “what the &%&$*” and “oh shit”‘s Grant writing turns me into a hot, disorganized mess who swears like a sailor.
I decided to throw my hair up after work and I started grabbing random domestic items around my apartment to play up my housewife persona for these photos. Today has been such a crap day and of course me and probably other fashion bloggers think “Oh I just need to go home and take some self portraits. That’s just what I need.” rather than “I need a drink.” It actually worked. While some people may sketch or paint to relieve stress, I paint my face up and set up the tripod and weee, instant stress reliever. I realized I inadvertently channeled Miss Pandora
[dress by kimchi blue, purple heels by bcbg, glasses from urban outfitters, accessories, I mean appliances from various chain stores]

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