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mint green

I wore this yesterday. I always like wearing a vest when I have photo shoots for some reason. I spent my time yesterday and today photographing successful people in the mid-Michigan area for an education awareness campaign called Keep Learning. The photos will be placed on billboards which I’m completely thrilled about. I have dreamt about being on a billboard, but having the photos I took on them is even better! Dreams DO come true..

I braved the snowstorm and I drove to the metro Detroit area last night after work to do some shopping. I’ve been in a panic over what to wear to the Chictopia conference and it took almost 2.5 hours to get to Somerset, which is usually only an hour drive. Needless to say, I didn’t have long to shop, but I knew exactly what I wanted. I got in and out quickly. Phew.

As my coworkers and friends can tell, I love oversized tees and scarves. I have this tee in purple and started giving the color mint green more thought once I saw Taylor from Sterling Style show off her mint green nails. I just love her style. Anyways, that inspired me to go outside my normal colors of black and various shades of grey and try a nice pastel color. Thank you for the inspiration!

[tee by american apparel, pants by bdg, boots by steve madden, studded best by f21, scarf from urban outfitters]
I was trying to save these and debut them in NYC..I just can’t. I love them too much and need them for all the snow we’re getting in Michigan.

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I’ve featured one of my close friends Haley here before and with her cute sense of style, you can anticipate more photos of her in the future. She was my roommate during my senior in college and our closets doubled in size that year. It was amazing. I miss her clothes and I love when she comes over and she just stands in front of my closet staring. Too bad we don’t have the same shoe size. She loves these adorable, doll-like shoes and she’s got feet the size of a doll as well so I can’t squeeze my size 9 foot in any of her shoes. She tried on a pair of my shoes yesterday and she looked like she had clown feet. It then dawned me that we’re almost the same height and that I must look like a freak show with my big ol’ feet.
[tee by f21, shorts from anthropologie, tights from the limited, shoes by all black]
Haley and a group of close friends got dinner and drinks last night in East Lansing to celebrate my old age. I danced danced danced! And today, I’m officially 24. I celebrated today by grabbing lunch with my friends, Tom and Matt and working on homework. So much homework. It’s cramping my style.


Three days a week , one of my communications interns, Naomi walks into the office with wearing such chic outfits. With her height and cute effortless pieces, I’m convinced she’s an off duty model. My supervisor, Kate and I met her at a Public Relations Society of America meeting. She introduced herself as a member of the student PRSA chapter articulately and confidently. Kate of course knew we needed to have her on board as an intern. She’s a junior at Michigan State University and I believe she’s majoring in communications with a specialization in public relations. Naomi, you’re fabulous!


[top by f21, skirt from urban outfitters, ankle boots by steve madden, vintage necklace gift from brother]

gold zippers

This week is flying by! I spent some time this afternoon at a Mid Michigan Creative Alliance luncheon to watch the Clio Awards reel–almost an hour long of really sweet commercials from around the world. I sat with several IT people from a local IT company. I love IT people. They were so incredibly nice and they speak with pride about their obsession with World of War Craft. Love it. My awkwardness was immediately put at ease and I think my social flaws went undetected.

I bought this top from Forever 21 a couple months ago. I thought the sleeves were interesting, just took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to wear with it. Of course, I’d pair it with a very similar skirt. I got this skirt for a steal too. It’s a couple sizes big and the elastic waist is loose, but oh well. Only cost me a third the original price!
[skirt by ecote, top by f21, tights by american apparel, platform booties by steve madden]


POW. purple and leopard print.

Today’s outfit is the most comfy outfit in the entire universe. I never go wrong with an American Apparel tee and my new pants feel like riding pants. It’s a little nostalgic. I miss my horsies.

I stood out like a sore thumb at a meeting today. Mostly because I’m not an old white guy. I assisted in judging the Michigan FFA national chapter award and I like helping because it’s similar to what I do for my job. I judged chapters (or individual school groups of FFA members) on how well they obtained their goals for student development through objectives, plan of action and evaluation. The old guys were cracking me up. Things that are typically not accepted, such as burping during lunch was commonplace at this meeting. As my friend Chad would say, I liked their style!


[tee by american apparel, pants by bdg, leopard print cardigan by hooked up, wedges by aldo, scarf by the limited]

This is really how ridiculous I look when I laugh…

So I’m jumping the gun to talk about my weekend. I’m pretty pumped for it. Despite turning 24 on Sunday and being real sad about that, I have plans in place to “celebrate”. My grandparents are coming up on Friday and I’m taking them to see Oklahoma which my supervisor Kate is playing in. Saturday I have dinner plans with a more intimate group of friends. Last year, I had almost 20 and it was too many. I could barely talk to everyone.Then a night out on the town. Erin asked for more details and I told her, “wherever the wind blows me.” I’m feeling quite hippie-ish lately. Normally, I need set plans and an itinerary for everything. Anyways, Sunday I’m forcing my friend Tom to let me take him to lunch since he takes my picture at least once a week for the blog. And I thank him for feeding my narcissism.

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