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Saturday’s Festivities in NYC

Saturday was another fun and fashion filled adventure. After finally flagging down a cab, Elizabeth, Tieka and I headed to Frankies to meet up with a few more fab bloggers. This is where I experienced the best breakfast sandwich in the world. I consider myself somewhat of a breakfast sandwich connoisseur and this one topped them all. It was worth the ten dollars I spent on it.
Christina of Second Skin and Jen of JenLovesKev

To pass some time before the Chictopia10 summit began, we wandered to a candy store (thanks to Nikki of Wild as a Mink for the great idea!) Despite feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed with people, I purchased some candy for me to snack on at the conference. I always need a snack. On the way to the summit, Mel of idΓ©e gΓ©niale hailed the cab. I got to see a real New Yorker in action! She was aggressive, stepped into the street and got us one! Mel works for Kensie and I kept asking her a thousand questions about it. Thanks Mel for your patience with me!

Julie of Orchid Grey
Tieka in the candy store! Nom nom nom!

I photographed the Christina, Mel, Tieka and Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky. These girls are gorgeous. Check out their blogs to see their photos! And had Tieka snap a few quick ones of me. It’s interesting because I wouldn’t feel comfortable standing in downtown Lansing having someone snap photos of me and it seemed like a natural thing to do in NYC and as the people passed, they didn’t stop and gawk–they just continued on their way. I even pointed the lens at a man with some hot Clive Owen features and he just smiled nonchalantly and continued on his way! If I photographed a random dude in Lansing he would demand to know who I worked for and where the photo would be published.

Hi there…
[tank top dress by t by alexander wang, cardigan by barneys co op, tights by american apparel, scarf by moda, boots by steve madden, necklace from urban outfitters]

I was going for a loose, layered look. I wanted to be super comfortable and warm for sitting all day.
Outside of the tents at Bryant Park

Elizabeth had an extra ticket to see the Academy of Art show during New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park and she invited me along. This was surreal. I was actually inside, photographing the models from my seat. I was so inspired by a couple of the collections with their neutral colors and minimalist style.

I’m on the runway!

After a couple wrong turns on the subway, Elizabeth and I ended up back at the conference. It was interesting to see so many bloggers such as Sea of Shoes and Late Afternoon in the same room! Love their style. I wasn’t so impressed with the conference itself. There were technical difficulties and it seemed very disorganized. IT was the wrong venue to host a conference at and I hope they realized that. I would be more than happy to volunteer my time next year to make it run smoothly. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to event planning–they could use my skills. We did get to view collections of a few up-and-coming designers. Seeing male models was definitely a redeeming quality of the conference.

I’m certain he caught me drooling over him after the conference.

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Girls Night Out–NYC style

10 hours had never gone by so fast. I don’t typically get so incredibly excited for much, but I was legitimately excited to make the 10 hour drive to New York City and participate in some New York Fashion Week festivities. First of which was the Girls Night Out sponsored by Dove. I lurk these girls and to meet them in person and personally experience their incredible style and personalities was absolutely amazing.
Nibbling on sandwiches with Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Kim from Crowded Closet
Jessica from What I Wore, Erin from Calivintage and Rebecca from the Clothes Horse. Fabulous.
Me, Tieka, Elizabeth, Kim, Melissa–this group became the dance party group the following night.
Big haired girls!
Erin, Julie from Orchid Grey, Rebecca and Jen from JenLovesKev. Again, fabulous. I was mesmerized by Julie’s gorgeous straight hair and I kept touching Jen’s shoulders, loved her dress!

The night ended up with a ride in a stretch hummer where we first stopped at Times Square for an impromptu fashion/outfit shoot. Maybe it was the wine or a combination of the wine and being in NYC, but my I left my inhibitions in Michigan and didn’t mind people staring as I was photographed. I had a blast photographing the girls.
Kim, you rocked these outfit shots.

I’ll echo everyone else and say this was a whirlwind trip. I had a blast and I still can’t believe everything that happened in NYC actually happened! I’ve never even been in a limo until this weekend! And I’ve never been surrounded by so many stylish girls! I’m a newbie blogger and I’m so thankful Jessica let me be apart of this. I will be posting more photos tomorrow from Saturday. So many more more photos!

*Food and Drinks, limo service and Dove Visibly Smooth samples were generously provided by Dove.



Tieka is here and we’re packed and ready to go to NYC! She keeps saying, “at 10 p.m. we are going to bed and you can’t talk to me!” She says this because we end up giggling until the wee hours of the night and we’re getting up at 3:30 a.m. to start the voyage. I’m hoping we’re well rested because Tieka and I are attending a huge blogger meet up Friday night! So excited to share more details on that later…
[vintage top, skirt by kimchi blue, tights from target, mary jane heels by steve madden, belt from urban outfitters]
My apartment has been littered with clothes and bags.
Tieka and I have SO many snacks packed for the trip. I alone packed nutter butters, jalapeno chips, pringles, toffee peanuts, red bull, etc. I love snacking when I go on long trips. I also get carsick. Need to pack the dramamine!

I am SO excited to meet some of you girls in NYC this weekend!

mint green

I wore this yesterday. I always like wearing a vest when I have photo shoots for some reason. I spent my time yesterday and today photographing successful people in the mid-Michigan area for an education awareness campaign called Keep Learning. The photos will be placed on billboards which I’m completely thrilled about. I have dreamt about being on a billboard, but having the photos I took on them is even better! Dreams DO come true..

I braved the snowstorm and I drove to the metro Detroit area last night after work to do some shopping. I’ve been in a panic over what to wear to the Chictopia conference and it took almost 2.5 hours to get to Somerset, which is usually only an hour drive. Needless to say, I didn’t have long to shop, but I knew exactly what I wanted. I got in and out quickly. Phew.

As my coworkers and friends can tell, I love oversized tees and scarves. I have this tee in purple and started giving the color mint green more thought once I saw Taylor from Sterling Style show off her mint green nails. I just love her style. Anyways, that inspired me to go outside my normal colors of black and various shades of grey and try a nice pastel color. Thank you for the inspiration!

[tee by american apparel, pants by bdg, boots by steve madden, studded best by f21, scarf from urban outfitters]
I was trying to save these and debut them in NYC..I just can’t. I love them too much and need them for all the snow we’re getting in Michigan.

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I’ve featured one of my close friends Haley here before and with her cute sense of style, you can anticipate more photos of her in the future. She was my roommate during my senior in college and our closets doubled in size that year. It was amazing. I miss her clothes and I love when she comes over and she just stands in front of my closet staring. Too bad we don’t have the same shoe size. She loves these adorable, doll-like shoes and she’s got feet the size of a doll as well so I can’t squeeze my size 9 foot in any of her shoes. She tried on a pair of my shoes yesterday and she looked like she had clown feet. It then dawned me that we’re almost the same height and that I must look like a freak show with my big ol’ feet.
[tee by f21, shorts from anthropologie, tights from the limited, shoes by all black]
Haley and a group of close friends got dinner and drinks last night in East Lansing to celebrate my old age. I danced danced danced! And today, I’m officially 24. I celebrated today by grabbing lunch with my friends, Tom and Matt and working on homework. So much homework. It’s cramping my style.