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studs and stripes

I consider myself an expert in any sort of online stalking–this includes not only finding information about people, but tracking down the right type of shoe. (Yes, I’m creepy.) I was in desperate need of new pair of black flats and used Beso to search for the specific types of shoes I had in mind. I typed in a variety of types of flats in the search box and quickly came across these studded flats by DV by Dolce Vita  (and bonus–they were on sale!) You can use Beso to search for a variety of items from Marc Jacobs handbags on sale to new Christian Dior sunglasses
I just realized everything in this post is new and I’ve had a few of the pieces for awhile waiting to see how I should style them. I just picked up the faux leather pants earlier in the week and can see myself wearing these with a variety of cotton tees, but I liked how they looked with the striped top and camel colored blazer.
[studded flats by DV by Dolce Vita c/o beso, thrifted blazer, faux leather pants by f21 and striped top by KNT by Kova and T)

And I was Ke$ha for Halloween! I added some glitter to an eye and got dressed in an outfit I’ve worn out before, voila, I was ready for the Halloween bar crawl! My friend Mike knew the bartenders at one of the bars and convinced them to let me hold a big ol’ bottle of Jack for a photo opp. I look beyond stupid in that photo so I won’t share that particular one.

Photos by Becky Johns (the nerd in the photo with me!)

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What a great week! I finished the week by visiting my friend Jimmie who was in Michigan on tour with his band. I love listening to stories of those guys’ adventures and living vicariously through their exciting, nomad lives. Every day they’re in a different city, living irresponsibly and having the time of their lives. We went to the casino in Detroit and they gambled all their money away and that was that. I took no big risks and ended up losing only 5 dollars in the end. That totally describes my life. Haha.


This was Monday’s outfit to work. I realized how frumpy I looked with the loose tee (took the photos on Sunday) and I swapped it out for something more fitted. Much better. I got these fabulous tights from We Love Colors. Finally, a high quality pair of tights that don’t rip after one wear! I don’t normally wear colored tights, but I left my comfort zone and opted for a dark reddish color. Since I wear mostly neutrals, I figured I could pick out a more exciting color for a change!

[tights c/o we love colors, skirt by american apparel, top by t by alexander wang, boots by deena & ozzy]
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so cold in the d

Last Thursday I was in Detroit for the 140 Conference which is a a social media conference featuring a new speaker or panel every 10-15 minutes. And I wore this fabulous dress.

Since I’ve self-diagnosed myself with ADD, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about cool and innovative ways people are using social media with their projects in a short, constant changing manner. I was super pumped to learn Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy would be there. She brings a smile to my face and I find myself staring at her bright, red hair with envy. And to think if it weren’t for blogging, she would have never befriended me at a PRSA conference months ago..

Suze was great and took a few photos of my outfit for me. I took a few more photos later on of the dress styled with a pair of platform heels and a new studded Tylie Malibu clutch I wore last night to grab a drink with a group of friends.

Photos from the day of the conference:
[dress by alice moon, purple pumps by bcbg, tights by merona]
How I wore it last night:
Outside the Fillmore, downtown Detroit with Suze trotting ahead!
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grey days

I hardly wear my hair up like this anymore. This however was a typical hairstyle for me in high school and now I usually only wear it up like this if I’m cleaning my apartment or running to the grocery store. I meant to make the bun smaller here, but it’s just difficult to control my big hair! Argh! I love how Kim of Eat.Sleep.Wear conquered the chic bun look and how Keiko Lynn wears her hair up as well. 

I refer to this wonderfully shoulder padded jacket as my Lady Gaga jacket. I love adding this to just a t-shirt and jeans or dress it up with a leopard print skirt. I wore it a couple times this week to work this way with the skirt worn much lower and with jeans on Saturday before I got ready for my friend Ali’s wedding.

Now let’s plan an I spy game-see if you can spot the lump on my forehead in the photo below. I fell off a swing in the fourth grade and that lump is proof that I’m bad ass and can survive the bloody ordeal that was me falling off a swing (and somehow managing to land face down on the wood that bordered the playground sand.)
[tank from nordstrom, jacket by bcbg, skirt by silence + noise, shoes by exhilaration, tights by merona]
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