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Adding a Little Spring to Winter

Winter Maxi Styling

I’m itching for spring and I’m finding myself styling pieces that can easily transition to spring and give off that next season vibe. This layered perforated maxi is two parts: a tight fitting cotton slip underneath that I could wear with sandals in the summer and this top layer that I could unbutton and wear as a duster with jeans and a tee! For this styling, I wore it as it was meant to be worn: together. Read More »

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An All-American Afternoon

We were hit with yet another snow storm last weekend and on a scale of 0 to I can’t get my goddamn car out of the driveway, we hit the latter. But, I still managed to make the voyage to and from my grand lunch plans last Sunday. I just couldn’t get my car back into my driveway (and got stuck several times in the road.) Read More »

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The Key to Pulling off the Layered Coat Trend

I am by no means a fashion pioneer. I see something someone wore on Pinterest..and I copy that shit. That goes for the double coat styling. I saw it somewhere, thought it looked dope and realized it also functioned particularly well during a Michigan winter. I wore this look yesterday for a conference and as it always goes at these things, I freeze my butt off and needed both layers for most of the day. Read More »

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Adding a Pop of Color this Shit Winter

I’m about to lose my shit this winter. The snow is endless and I had such a positive outlook on it in 2017 and now I’m completely over it. My week in Mexico next month can’t come soon enough!

Seeing Red

Anywho, I’m big into neutrals (obvi), but I love to incorporate a pop of color into accessories that I can easily take off or change out. I can never seem to fully commit to something loud and bold unless it’s easily removable. I had my eye on this knit beanie from Retail Therapy for a few months and I finally pulled the trigger and if winter is here to stay I guess I better have more fun and functional hats. I paired it with a cream sweater, my most prized vintage coat and jeans that make me somewhat immobile (damn no stretch denim.) Read More »

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Winter Athleisure

Athleisure All the Way

Usually at least half the day on weekends and after work you can find me in some version of this look. Jeans are so uncomfortable for me and I just want to wear leggings or jogger pants every day of my life. I think I just need new jeans, but instead I buy new leggings in the same style and color I already own a dozen versions of already. Read More »

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