Monday, February 3, 2014

Work It Out

My workout routine up until three months ago was walking to and from my car to get donuts and ice cream. In high school, I was quite active. I was a cheerleader, ran track and cross country and showed horses. Afraid of the "Freshman 15" when I entered college, I forced myself to do aerobics classes and join MSU's equestrian team. I could only work out in a gym environment if there were T.V. monitors attached to each individual equipment where I could watch Reba episodes in peace on the elliptical. 
Since graduating college and becoming more focused on work, grad school and other things like Roseanne marathons on TV, my clothes seemed to not fit so well and I just felt bloated and lacked energy. Finally in November, I joined the local YMCA and thanks to motivation from my health conscious, fit and handsome boyfriend, Kyle, I've been able to make a real effort to not only work out, but eat better too.
[shimmer seamless tank, criss-cross drifter tights, and hoodie c/o Athleta, shoes by Nike, vintage leopard coat, bag by 3.1 Philip Lim]
Thanks to the Athleta Fit Style Challenge, I got to pick out some new great workout pieces. I picked out an assortment of hot pink tops and cozy leggings that have now set a new standard of comfort and style for working out. I wore this to my workout classes last Wednesday and added a hat and the vintage leopard print jacket to do some grocery shopping post-work out.
Tips for lazy girls like me who wrinkle their noses at fruits and vegetables:
  • The buddy system. I've gone through work-out phases before and they always begin with a friend or two who seem committed and somewhere along the line, one of us stops making an effort and it has a domino effect. I have friends in my workout classes now and Kyle who help keep me motivated and it's become a more fun experience.
  • Keep a food diary. I use the app, My Fitness Pal and I keep track of what I eat day to day and how many calories I burn from workouts. Since I suffer from pretty bad migraines, this has been a helpful tool to determine what leads me to endure more of these. I've learned most of the time it's alcohol, so for the sake of my head and my love handles, I hardly drink any booze. I keep my calories around 1,200-1,400 a day and always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with small snacks in between.
  • Try juicing. Juices always looked like murky swamp water and the very sight of it disturbed me. I was finally forced to try one and it's actually really good. I like mine sour so I add extra Granny Smith apples and lemons in addition to the carrot and kale variety. This is a great way for me to get the vitamins and nutrients I need since I would never chew on a kale leaf, order a salad or snack on grapes for fun. I'd rather just drink it all at once in a surprisingly tasty beverage.
  • Look good, feel good. Once I worked out for a couple weeks in my old ratty Balls Deep kickball t-shirts and I made some physical improvements, I rewarded myself with new workout gear. I never imagined I'd give a shit about a bright colored sports bra or a new pair of socks, but if it gets me excited to go to the gym, I won't argue with myself.
My weekly routine includes an abs class and a strength and conditioning class each Monday and Wednesday and on Fridays and Saturdays, I work out on my own for cardio and join Kyle for strength training. Cardio is usually 3 miles on the elliptical and sometimes, run on the treadmill. I prefer the workout classes over working out on my own because I always tend to try harder when around the instructors (and they correct my form and call me out if I'm not trying hard enough. If you live in Lansing, I highly suggest the abs and strength/conditioning classes at the downtown YMCA by Kalea.)

I've lost 10 pounds (am down to 119) since starting a more healthy lifestyle and I feel great and my ass is less flat. Hooray.

Disclosure: Athleta provided me with apparel in exchange to participate in the Athleta Fit Style Challenge
Photos by Kyle Keberlein


Alison Colby said...

Love all of this! You should see the bulky hot mess I am BEFORE I enter the gym on MSU campus. SO many layers to shed!! And anytime you need a workout buddy, I'm here too. You should try Ballet Beautiful. Mary Helen Bowers kicks your ass. You're welcome to come over anytime! :)

XO Alison

GCJ said...

Were those photos taken at Hilltop's old location in Old Town? Does that mean you want to go to yoga with me?

And LOL at Roseanne marathons.

Nikki Williams said...

congrats on getting healthy! it's such a great feeling :)


Haley said...

you look AMAZING! so proud of you :) and i am OBSESSED with Athleta - i recently invested in several pieces and you are right... it makes we want to go to class even more to show it off!

Samara said...

This is one of your best blog entries!! I thought you looked great before, but you look AMAZING now! I have about 5-10 lbs (and a whoooole lot of toning) to do myself. Weekends are the toughest for me when it comes to eating healthy, ESPECIALLY in the winter!

Have you tried that juice bar/store out near Frandor?

I'm a member at the Y too and just finally started going back. Need to look for some good classes as they make working out WAY more fun. Totally agree about the buddy system, too. Really hard to find people to commit, though, I agree there!

Have a great week!


P.S. Love Roseanne! (Though towards the end, when they "got rich", it wasn't nearly as funny. The best are the earlier years! )

Jenmarie said...

You look fantastic, and you pretty much have the best pony tail ever. I have some work out gear from Target but I'd definitely like to get some cuter tops like yours!

courtney parker said...

Love that leopard coat and blue bag!

Maggie Adofo said...

I really love that Athleta partnered with so many bloggers. I definitely feel less limited when shopping for gym clothes now.

Maggie A

Katie McC said...

Love to hear this! I know what it feels like to feel so bloated and tired. I've completely cut out wheat, and dairy (although sometimes you just gotta eat a tub of ice cream and chocolate, always chocolate!) but it has made a huge difference! I can see a change in my body over the years, even when I was a competitive all-star cheerleader, I never felt so fit and healthy as I do now. And that hot pink tank, it's super adorable. And you know you know you are old when you get excited for socks for Christmas. I got some from Gap and Target and I was just happy I didn't have to buy them myself!

Jackie said...

I really love your style posts, but this is one of my favourites that I've seen from you so far.

You definitely look incredible and looking at these photos, it's obvious that you're in great shape these days.

Your honesty was really refreshing and inspiring to read. I find it's SO hard to stay focused at the gym and with a workout routine, but I know how motivating it is to see improvement. Keep it up :)

xo Jackie
Something About That

Chelsea Olivia said...

I love those leggings! I want to buy some bright workout gear now :)

Chelsea Olivia said...

On a sidenote- can I ask how tall you are? We're around the same weight but I swear you look so much slimmer than I do.. I imagine you're probably taller than me though haha

Minela said...

I LOVE your tattoo! Its absolutely beautiful!!


lzab said...

Pardon my being extremely tardy to the commenting party, but as I was reading I was totally going to suggest Abs with Kalea! That class paid for itself. Seriously, that like top 5 things I miss from Lansing!

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