Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Little Mangover

I refreshed an outfit with inspiration from mangos and I love the pops of color it adds to an otherwise minimal look. Besides the colorful accessories, I'm also wearing Essie's Mango Bango on the nails, naturally and Clinique's Heftiest Hibiscus. I've had so much fun creating this mangover and reminds to be a little more playful in my styling (note: try to incorporate more color!)
Before and after the mangover!
[thrifted CK jacket, top and shorts from Forever 21, heels c/o Nine West (2011), necklace and bracelets from Francesca's, clutch c/o Jennifer Haley, initial cuff c/o Kristine Lily, sunglasses c/o Shades Daddy]
Check out some of the other Mangovers on the National Mango Board's Facebook and Twitter!


Star White said...

The combo of mint and mango is so lovely! Lovin this fun clutch!


Sophie said...

The clutch is making my heart flutter. What a beauty!

Naomi said...

The orangey color sure adds a whole new level of fun to your look!

The Occasional Indulgence

Linda Greaves said...

Oh my goodness, I am loving this mangover! The touches of light orange are gorgeous against your neutral and pastel outfit. That fringe clutch is perfect!

Trendy Teal

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

I just love it SO much! :)


Forever Fashion said...

Wow! I love this combo!! The shorts are perfect for spring and summer!! And your sweater top is so cute!

Ashley said...

I want/need/love that clutch!

xo Ashley

Jennifer said...

Dying over your bag!

xo Jennifer

Katie McC said...

Adore the mint and creme!

libys11 said...

loving the pastel colours with that pop of vibrant color!! :D so refreshing and chic!

blue roses said...

i recently bought a mango-tinted lipstick for summer, but am feeling a bit hesitant about it... love how you styled it here with the soft, muted neutrals!

veronika girlandcloset said...

What a difference!! I have several new stella & dot reddish hued statement pieces and I love adding them to my neutral outfits - an instant pop of colour & interest. You look gorgeous, friend! Miss you, are you going to Austin this year?!... xo

Katherine said...

Super cute! Love the pop of color among the neturals.


Anthea Lau said...

love your curls and awesome outfit with pops of colour! that fringe bright red clutch is really lovely and you look great in ice blue shorts and nude heels!

Check out my latest post featuring favourite music + outfit!

Chicago Chic said...

Gah what a perfect combo. Mango looks like it was born for mint here, haha. LOVE those shorts, and you look gorgeous!!


Bostonista said...

You've got a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw thing going on here and I love it.


Am2Pm Chic said...

Gorgeous, I love the pop of coral.

christina foster said...

love the pop of mango! it pairs so well with the crisp white and mint. and that clutch?! i have one very similar in cognac, but mango?! yes, please

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