Friday, July 30, 2010

thoughts of you, warm my bones

I took Thursday and Friday off this week since I have to second shoot a wedding Saturday AND Sunday. By Wednesday, it already seemed liked it was Friday for some reason. I'm not sure if I would've made it through the entire week working. How nice it is to sleep in, get caught up on personal stuff and clean my apartment. And been on this Lisa Hannigan kick listening to one of my favorite songs of hers, "ocean and a rock" hence the title of this post. Good tune.

Since my mom's birthday was on the 28th, I'm heading back today to visit and take her shopping. I promise better photos soon of my outfits--just been short on time!

I wore this button up in a post a couple months back and wore it quite differently. I've been all about tying up my shirts lately and since this shirt is so comfortable, I thought it would be the perfect outfit to lounge around my mom's house and to go shopping. I'm not a fan of super hot summers so it's been a lot of simple tops and shorts for me. As much as I hate winter, I'm more inspired by fall and winter weather styles. I don't think I'd survive in an area without four seasons.
[shorts by zara, top by trouve, shoes so old i can no longer read who they're by]
Oh, p.s. my hair is straight. Finally got a haircut yesterday and Maggie likes to straighten it to finish the cut.
My eyes are closed and I look stupid, but wanted to share my construction gear look with you all..I've been going on worksites photographing construction for a work project. I laid down on my stomach in a gross area to get 'the shot'. I was covered in dirt and dust, but after this I stopped at a restaurant to pick me up lunch and I overheard little kids asking their mom, "what's all over her? Is that paint all over her?" Gotta love little kids.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

alainn bella!

alainn bella, a super cute and affordable online boutique is offering my readers a 25 percent discount off any full priced items using the code "blondebedhead"

Head over and check alainn bella out! I'm drooling over the remi & reid bags. 


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

make your siren's call


This past weekend turned out be quite exciting! I was supposed to second shoot a wedding up in northern Michigan and found out I wasn't actually needed! Instead, I went to Detroit to visit my friend Erin and as usual we went to Birmingham for lunch and to hit up a few of our favorite shops. We ate at a super cute restaurant, Forte and after I was really craving a caramel macchiato from Starbucks..

As we sat waiting for our drinks, my eyes met one super hot man and in an instant I realized I AM LOOKING AT GERARD BUTLER. We knew he was in town filming a movie and he's staying in Birmingham. Erin and I sat in shock for a moment and then stood next to him to grab our drinks. We stalled to leave to gather our composure (and sneak a photo) and as we left I noticed Ger following behind so I held the door open for him. He had his face down, but he said thank you to me. I think I might have blacked out. I don't remember saying you're welcome back or anything but just in shock that I had a moment with him. I love hot ruggedly handsome men and he fits that description. I think I would have had the same reaction to him whether he was a celebrity or not. He's just so good looking.  Woo!

[top from nordstrom, skirt by silence +noise, oxford heels by ciao bella, accessories from east lansing art festival vendors and tiffany]


Yay! I forgot to mention before, but I was selected as one of the third place winners for the Beso Inspired Contest on Chictopia! I didn't win cash, but I'll be featured in their August lookbook!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

another andrea & a radio show!

A couple weekends ago, Andrea and I were on In Her Shoes, a local radio talk show. We were the young professionals to be represented on the show. Andrea dressed cute and comfy while I showed up looking like a bum in a grey t-shirt. Andrea has great style and looks polished whenever I see her out and about. She's the talent retention director for Lansing Economic Development Corporation and I adore her. This particular afternoon she wore a printed, flowy dress on dressed down with flippies. I believe her plans were to hang around downtown following the show since it was a Saturday and there were fun things going on downtown.
[dress by f21, sunglasses by kate spade and necklace from Guatemala]
One of the hosts, Shelley, really cracks me up. I met her a couple times at Toastmasters, but I never realized how absolutely hilarious she is until the show. I wish I had her quick wit. Shelley owns Mieshel Image Consulting and she kept talking about how she had to go shopping after the show with a client at the best mall in Michigan and my favorite: Somerset. Oh her rough life!
Tiffany is the owner and president of Motion Marketing & Media, the publisher of the magazine, Capital Area Women's Lifestyle and co-host of the show. I want to be her when I grow up!
and a photo of our shoes!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Want List: light & fun dresses

Shopping the internet for things I like is one of my favorite pastimes. In times of stress, I shop and lust over items from different online boutiques. I've been looking for some cute dresses and below are a few that I'm infatuated with!

4. Of of my faves
5. I'm not normally one for bows and pink, but I find this so adorable and fun.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

20 miles

My lack of posting is due to last week's busy schedule of work--all kinds of work. Ah! Of course even with my schedule, I take on more projects. Must learn to say no sometimes. I have been making a recent effort  though at not forcing myself to do as much for the sake of earning a dollar. My life has been consumed with that for as long as I can remember. It's a constant struggle between my innate selfishness and putting people and relationships first. And managing my time. Anyone else feel that way sometimes?
I picked up this galloping horse top a week ago and for work, I paired it with a black skirt, belt and my new boots, courtesy of ModCloth. I had my eye on those boots for a while and I danced out of happiness when I saw the box containing the boots outside my door. I traipsed all over town in this outfit, going out to lunch downtown, meetings galore and of course changed into my favorite pair of cut offs after I got out of work to run errands and meet up with friends for drinks. I like wearing this outfit with a skirt and with shorts so I'm posting photos of both looks and how I easily transitioned it from a more work appropriate oufit to after-work.
 Now with the skirt and belt..
[top by truly madly deeply, skirt by silence+noise, belt by ecote, boots c/o modcloth, bag by bcbg]
Photos by my fabulous friend, Kimmi!
Here's a link to a wedding I shot last weekend if you're interested in taking a peek!

psst...the boots will be in stock again soon and if you visit ModCloth's site, you can sign up for notification on the product page if you want to know when they're back in stock!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

luckless romance

I bought this fabulous romper when I was in Birmingham, a suburb of Detroit, from a cute boutique called Lexi Drew. That same day I was in close proximity to Gerard Butler but didn't get to actually see him and my friend's roommate got to see him twice (jealous!), but I digress. I was hesitant about the romper. I felt so cutesy and like a real life cupcake, but I suppose giving in to your inner girly girl isn't all that bad. I'm pretty much in love with it now. It makes me want to prance, ride a unicorn, pet bunnies and kittens and eat cotton candy.

I was saving this for a momentous occasion and thought it would be fun to wear to Common Ground Festival today to see Neon Trees with my friends. I absolutely love my friends and it's so much more fun to enjoy events like this with a big group of them. I'll walk to the festival from my apartment and get to meet up with them and have a blast!
[romper by fifth culture, bag by badgley mischka, sandals by exhilaration]
Sweetheart necklines are my favorite. It sold me on the romper.

Monday, July 12, 2010



After 24 years of living in Michigan, I've finally partaken in a common summer activity that most Michigan folk seem to do every summer: tubing! I met up with my friend Kristen, her Danish fiance, Rene and her friend Dan that I haven't seen in years.

As much I'd like to pretend I'm not prissy, I suppose I am just a bit. It doesn't bother me when I get sweaty, dirty and not showering every day. Yet, I don't like to touch the bottoms of rivers with my bare feet or submerge myself in murky river water. Eek! This activity was definitely a stretch from what I would normally do, but it was relaxing to catch up with my friends while floating down the river with a beer in my hand and freely peeing whenever I needed to.

[shorts by h&m, flats by kenneth cole reaction, bathing suit by american apparel and tank by piacara di pico]
The river!
Kristen's sippy cup filled with coconut rum and Dr. Pepper
Rene and Kristen! This pair is so cute. They met each other when Kristen moved to Florida and now they're moving by the end of the month to Copenhagen for the next couple years.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Luxe By CSN $50 Gift Card Giveaway Winner!

Using, the second commenter, Emily of Tomorrow Never Knows is the lucky winner of the $50 gift card to Luxe by CSN. Congrats girl!

Friday, July 9, 2010



From styling my hair to what camera I shoot with, I'm asked a variety of questions. I wanted to finally take the time and and answer a few for you!

What camera do you shoot with?
Generally, I use my Nikon D700 and use the 50 mm 1.8 for details and use the 70-200 mm 2.8 for almost all the other shots.
Who takes your photos?
I have a few photographer friends in town and my mom will photograph me if I'm back in my hometown visiting. I occasionally do self-portraits.
As a photographer, who do you find inspiring?
My favorite fashion/portrait photographers are Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz. Before models showed any emotion or action in photos, Avedon had them jumping about and twirling. I love photography that shows movement and emotion. Leibovitz has the best lighting techniques. Every image of hers has such beautiful lighting.
Who is your favorite fashion designer?
If I could sum up my style it would be with anything designed by Alexander Wang. Minimalist, comfortable and rocker. I also love and am inspired by Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga.
What products do you use for you hair? Is your hair naturally that curly/huge?
I use mostly Biolage by Matrix products. I use their shampoo, conditioner, gelee and hair serum. If I want to loosen the curls in my hair, I reach for Aveda's straightening creme. I never blow dry and comb it unless I'm still in the shower, this cuts back on frizz. In the future, I'll do a more detailed post on how I manage my head of hair. And my hair is naturally curly and obnoxiously large. I straighten it maybe once a year. My hair is naturally a dull ashy blonde so I get the over all color lightened with highlights added.
What is your heritage/ethnicity?
I get this question a lot because of my hair I think. My father is Filipino/Polish. My grandma is Filipino and my grandpa was a blond-haired blue eyed Polish man. My dad in no way looks Polish and took after my grandma with thick, curly, black hair, dark eyes and skin and I inherited the big hair. My mom is a mix of white people. I should perhaps ask. Growing up, I was only questioned on my dad's ethnicity and I forget about my mom! She's not answering her phone right now either, so I'll add that in later.
What do you do for a living?
I do public relations and marketing for a government workforce development agency, Capital Area Michigan Works!. I'm also an associate photographer for Jason Aten Photography where I shoot mostly weddings. I occasionally do some freelance writing for  a couple publications and blogs.
Are you married?
Hell no. Not that I'm opposed, but too many other things are more of priority to me than finding "the one." Someday!
Why do you still live in Lansing, Michigan?
Lansing has been my home for six years. Michigan State University is located in East Lansing and I spent four years as an undergraduate student there and once I graduated I received the job offers in the area and stayed because I had a job. I'm now working on my master's degree in journalism at MSU, love my jobs and my friends here, although since it is generally a college town, people come and go all the time, sadly.
Are you connected to the fashion industry? Can you help me get a foot in the door?
I am in no way connected to anyone in the fashion industry. Sure wish I was!

If you have other questions for me, email me at!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

make me tame

New bag!
I'm finally getting settled into the week and it's now Wednesday. The holiday weekend was a blast--I spent some time in Detroit and my hometown near Muskegon to visit friends and family. A few highlights include the Deadmau5 concert with my friend Sarah, my friend Erin's boyfriend's uncle eating a june bug after winning the prized beer pong traveling trophy and finally swimming for the first time this summer, in a pool. I much prefer pools. My feet didn't have to touch anything icky and I didn't have to worry about swimming through someone else's urine. 

I wore the top half of this outfit yesterday to work with what has been pegged my poofy pants by my boss lady. I was privileged enough to hear her and our CEO both make fun of me, which provides me so much entertainment! If only they knew this only fuels my desire to wear more and more shit they think is weird. Our CEO even told me I looked like bullfighter in them that went through a hurricane...fair perception. I giggled so much over that comment I hurried and wrote it down in my notebook so I could remember it later.

After work, I usually just add jeans or shorts to whatever top I wore to work as I did yesterday. I decided to wear them with the cutoffs as has been my decision almost every day the last couple weeks. Love em!
[jacket by lucca couture, tank from nordstrom, shorts by levi's, bag by badgley mischka, heels by lucky]

Also, if you get a chance listen to this band I'm newly obsessed with-- Dead Confederate and listen to "the rat."