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April 2010

Your love is stag in the white sand

Remember last week when I met the roller derby girls at the studio for the radio show? Well a combination of their winning personalities and the fact that I watched Whip It and have since romanticized my role on a team with that of Ellen Page’s Bliss character, I inquired about how to join. And I attended my first practice on Sunday!

By default, I smile a lot in new and sometimes uncomfortable situations. I wanted to pretend I was as cool as them and not be awkward, but I came across as a peppy cheerleader instead. They accepted this and the fact that I almost bit it the first couple times skating around–but I slowly improved. I learned how to do all the different types of falls, whips, etc. I loved it! I have a high pain tolerance and I’ve been looking for the perfect way to exercise, meet super cool girls and do something fun and out of the ordinary–and this fits perfectly. When I told my grandma about this she immediately laughed and basically told me I was going to have my ass handed to me. Ye of little faith, grandmother! I already ordered my skates and picked up my pads/helmet after practice and am celebrating my battle wounds! (swollen and bruised knees.) 

I’ve also been really digging cropped tops so I’ve been tying my shirts lately to pull off that look.  I don’t really like to expose my stomach so these shorts do the trick. I still love this jacket and wear it all the time. It goes with just about anything and the neutral color and shorter sleeves are perfect for spring.
[tank by silence + noise, jacket from zara, high waist shorts by american apparel, boots by miss me, tights by american apparel, belt by ecote]

On Saturday, I went to visit my friend Erin in the metro Detroit area and we visited some of my favorite shops in Royal Oak and the Eastern Market near downtown. Detroit is actually really sweet. I love going to visit over there.

Title: lyric from the song, zebra by beach house. good stuff.
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the softer side

I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t feel a bit out of element for myself today and a little Susie Homemaker in my pretty patterned dress. There was a little prance to my step, but also a ton of “what the &%&$*” and “oh shit”‘s Grant writing turns me into a hot, disorganized mess who swears like a sailor.
I decided to throw my hair up after work and I started grabbing random domestic items around my apartment to play up my housewife persona for these photos. Today has been such a crap day and of course me and probably other fashion bloggers think “Oh I just need to go home and take some self portraits. That’s just what I need.” rather than “I need a drink.” It actually worked. While some people may sketch or paint to relieve stress, I paint my face up and set up the tripod and weee, instant stress reliever. I realized I inadvertently channeled Miss Pandora
[dress by kimchi blue, purple heels by bcbg, glasses from urban outfitters, accessories, I mean appliances from various chain stores]

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Delightfully Fun

Delightfully Tacky featured me as the Blogger of the Moment! eee! I love Elizabeth and each girl she features. What an honor!
blogger of hte moment

Yesterday, I talked about fashion blogging, style, and photography on LansingNext, a weekly online talk radio show with two pretty sweet hosts, Dan and Julielyn. Dan was the first friend I made when I stood awkwardly alone at my first Mid-Michigan Tweet up last year and I first saw Julielyn when she captivated an audience at a PRSA seminar and I thought “damn, she’s cool.” It was such a pleasure to be asked to go on the show, especially with those two as hosts. It airs tomorrow at noon, I believe! Listen if you can! Before I went on, Jess Knott and a few ladies of Lansing Derby Vixens talked about Lansing’s new roller derby. I couldn’t stop giggling while they were on and immediately wanted to be apart of this group of kiss ass ladies. I’m a bit of a wuss, but in high school I was pretty tough and cutthroat while playing powderpuff football. I think I can find it me again.
Derby girls before heading in the studio
Julielyn and Dan
The studio was super retro and cool.
I don’t understand why I throw my head so far back when I laugh..hmm

Last four photos by the fab photog, Becky Johns. Thank you!


MSU SADA Fashion Show

On Saturday, Tieka came down to Lansing to attend Michigan State University’s Student Apparel Design Association‘s annual fashion show with me. She secured press passes for us which made it easier for me to photograph the runway. First of course we gobbled up delicious food at Michigan Brewing Company with a couple friends, Haley and Karrin who are absolute dolls. After dinner we headed backstage at the Lansing Center to snap some photos and get a sneak peak at the collections. Too bad hair and make up was already finished, I wanted to photograph that process!

For this particular show, the students selected a piece of art to serve as inspiration for their collection and it was amazing, ranging from Andy Warhol’s pop art to Ansel Adam’s photography.

I bought this romper when I was in Philadelphia and I absolutely love it. I like that it covers up a lot up top since the bottom is so short. It’s been freezing in Lansing the last couple days which allowed me to bust out the hat one last time before it gets too warm.

[romper by lucca couture, belt by kimchi blue, tights by merona, wedges by aldo]

Check out an interview I did for Everybody is Ugly since I was selected as an April Style Icon on Chictopia, yay! Click here! πŸ™‚

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